Google Analytics for Nonprofits

Google Analytics for Nonprofits

Without this information, you can’t get into the interests of your audience and get new visitors. Then you won’t see the effects of your work so you lose motivation and enthusiasm. To avoid a situation like this we want to show you a solution which is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free website tool that shows statistics, basic reports, analyze traffic and customer behaviour on site. It runs on every single page on your site and tells you everything about your audience. With Google Analytics you will be able to analyze SEO statistics, choose marketing strategy and carry SEO optimization. 

The tool gathers data from all channels of traffic, also social media and backlinks. This information helps you in making decisions, creating new things and developing site or marketing campaigns. It’s free and all you have to do this is having a Google account. You can link it with your website by adding a code to your site. What’s more, with Google Analytics you can see statistics in real-time and manage your campaigns directly. 

Google Analytics is not only for commercial and selling organization. You can also track how many people visit your site, which email campaign achieved the best results like answers to your mail and amount of donations. Even if you are a small nonprofit and you want to help somebody, it’s important for you how helpfull is your texts. It matters if they like it and your posts are popular or not. You might not be selling anything but you still offer your time and encouraging people to take action. 

Bonus from using Google Analytics

  • It’s totally FREE. You don’t have to pay hundreds for the tools without any additional functionality

  • It works on every site and it’s easy to download

  • You can track sources of visits your site and increase entries

  • You are able to analyze which actions give you the highest rates, impressions and clicks. Later you can repeat this action or correct it to get a higher score.

  • See what keywords generate the mosts visit and include them in your articles, ads

  • Optimize SEO to the most popular keywords to get more visitors

  • Gather information about the audience, create posts which are interesting for them

  • Increase your donor activity and amount of payments

Let’s get started

If you aren’t already using Google for Nonprofits account I highly recommend you to sign up. We create about it a Tutorial: Setting account where you find all information and tips helpful in creating Google for Nonprofits account. With Nonprofits’ account, you will have access to many tools like Google Ads, G Suite, Maps, Youtube and many many more

To track traffic on your site you need a Google Analytics account. To sign up account you will need an email. If you don’t have a formal Google email you should create it. During setting the account you will get a code to paste in your website. You have to insert it in every header on your page. If you don’t know how to do it, it will be better if you ask a developer. The situation is easier when you have a site on WordPress. Then you just have to install a plugin that helps add the code to all your pages. I think that MonsterInsights is good and easy to use. 

When you do this you can start with Analytics and gather data from your sites and pages. It takes time when you socialize with all these statistics and information about your site. However, you should know and use a few simple statistics which help you in basic actions. While using the tool, it will be easier for you to estimate some decisions and think about the next campaigns.

Two categories of statistics

In Google Analytics is 2 main groups of statistics: quantitative and qualitative. The first one is answering the question: How many? And the next one is answering: How good? 

In quantitative statistics focus on 3 the most important metrics:

  1. User 

  2. Sessions

  3. Pageviews

Each session is one visit so it will be higher than a number of users. Each session can have multiple page views. It happens when a user starts with the main page, then visit your blog then something else etc.

In qualitative metric the most important are:

  1. Bounce Rate

  2. Exit Rate

  3. Average Session Duration

All you need to know about Google Analytics

It is more to say about Google Analytics than will fit in one post. If you want to read more about this tool we recommend you to visit professional sites and especially Google Tutorials. We suggest visiting 

  1. How A Nonprofit Can Best Use Google Analytics
  2. The Basics of Google Analytics for Nonprofits

You find there many useful tips easy to use even for non-technical. 
We know that the best way to learn is to experiment and try things on your own. So we encourage you to try, create and learn. Nonprofits are different than other commercials and their products can’t be rated in the same way. If you just started with Analytics we suggest focussing on good quality content and interesting topics which increased your site traffic.

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