Here I show you how to simply download videos from LinkedIn to share it on any other social media. It could be done only by the following simple steps. It does not need to install any tools other than your browser (Chrome or Firefox)

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How to download videos from Linkedin?

  1. Open the developer tools: Hit Ctrl+Shift+C keys to open the developer tools of the browser (in the Chrome, it could be accessed from the browser menu->More tools->Developer tools).

  2. Select the video: When the developer tools window is opened it is in the selection mode by default (If it is not, hit the selection mode button from the toolbar of the developer tools window). Now click on the video to select it.

  3. Copy the URL of the video: After selecting the video, a section in the developer tools window will be selected. This section contains a URL to the selected video. Copy this URL by selecting it and hit Ctrl+C.

  4. Download the video: Now open a new tab and paste the copied URL in the address bar. The video will be shown to you in the browser. Download it by hit the right click on the video and select 'Save video as' from the menu to save it.

Now you have the file of the video on your PC or laptop. Share it on any social media as you want.

This tip could be applied to many other sites.