Why is Website Traffic Important to My Business?

Why is Website Traffic Important to My Business?

Popularity? Sure it’s nice to be noticed and all, but is that really the point? To be able to brag and say, yah…I had 1,000,000 visitors to my website last year…

That may be impressive, but why is website traffic important to your business?

Website traffic (or the number of visitors to your website) is important because the number of visitors equals the number of opportunities you have to add new customers. The number of visitors to your website becomes the number of opportunities your business has to share its brand, to give an impression, to build relationship. The more traffic to your website, the more opportunities you have to generate qualified leads, to nurture and help solve their problem and ultimately sell your product or service, gain a new customer or client, and continue to grow your business.

This isn’t just about making money. More website traffic in the long run can allow you to grow your business (not just your profits), expand your product lines, hire more employees, open new locations, invest in research and develop more amazing services and products…the opportunities are there!

Website traffic is important and has an impact in three ways:

The larger the number of visitors to your website the better!

But you need to focus on increasing the quality of your website traffic, as not all traffic is good traffic. And in fact, bad traffic can bog your business down at some level.

When you can increase your traffic along with the quality of the visitors, the better you will be able to increase your website conversion and get that traffic to become paying customers!

How much website traffic do you need to grow your business?

Okay- so give me the numbers, you say. This comes down to a simple, yet sophisticated calculation. You need to have insight into the costs and expenses your business has, and how much an average customer is worth.

When you know how much revenue you need (set goals) then you can work backwards to calculate how much website traffic you will need to reach those goals. Basically you are looking at your end goal and planning backwards from there.

Fictitious Business Example:

Your "Cupcake Business" is up and running.

Your business needs $5,000 a month to maintain your current budget.

Each customer is worth $30 (they generally buy 12 cupcakes a month at $2.50 a cupcake).

You will need to sell 2,000 cupcakes a month. Each customer on average buys 12 cupcakes a month, then you need 166.66 customers each month.

Working backwards, on a low average…100 website visitors converts to 1 lead. At a 1% conversion rate from a lead to a customer, you will need 100 leads to get 1 new customer. To meet your goal of 166.66 customers, it looks like you will need to attract 1,666,666 website visitors. Phew, that seems like a lot of work.

Keep in mind that the low conversion percentage of 1% is a conservative baseline, but businesses using inbound marketing strategies and other online strategies are seeing an increase in their conversion rates.

If you increased your visitor to lead conversion rate to 2% and your lead to customer rate to 4% with better qualified traffic and leads, you just decreased your total website traffic goal to 208,325. That’s a decrease of 87.5% Wow!

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