MBlowfish: A Rich Webapp Platform

A platform to design web application, Secure, Flixeble, Fast


The MBlowfish version 4.0 started as a modular and extensible application framework. It means that the framework is used to create feature-rich stand-alone web applications.

  • Docker and Mobile layout

  • UI Component Support

  • Dynamic module loader

While the MBlowfish platform is designed to serve as an open tools platform, it is architected so that its components could be used to build just about any client application. The minimal set of modules needed to build a rich client application is collectively known as the Rich Client Platform. Applications can be built using a subset of the platform. These rich applications are still based on AngularJS, and the UI is built using the Material Designed. The layout and function of the workbench are under fine-grained control of the Module developer in this case.

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Design your web application, Break it into Modules and Integerate them as application

Did you remember to design and build a Web application last week? What about the week after that? Are you have multiple features to implement? How you see when and how your modules and services load.

  • 01 Loading module dynamically

    The MBlowfish gives you a powerful module management system. Using the MBlowfish, you can easily design a module, and publish it with repository. You can also use several existed modules.

  • The Editorial Activity Board is a companion to the Editorial Calendar. Whereas the Calendar allows you to see content organized by dates, Activity Board allows you to drill down and see content organized by status, categories, or users.

  • For larger organizations with many people involved in the publishing process, user roles help keep your team organized. Professional Editorial Board is shareable between multiple users. You can define new users, manage users, and manage access of users to the board.

How it works?

The release of Mblowfish in version 4.x simplified and unified the MBlowfish programming model. It is based on state-of-the-art technologies, like dependency injection and declarative styling via CSS files.

The ViraWeb123 Dashboard can be viewed as a special Eclipse application with a focus on supporting software development. For example, the Content Management System (CMS) provides the functionality to manage site contents.


Professional WordPress Editorial Board (PWEB) has all the tools you need to manage WordPress content, including an editorial calendar to plan content. You can change the status and publication date of the contents. PWEB is ideal for WordPress sites that publish high-quality content. With PWEB, you can collaborate much more effectively. This makes PWEB a great solution for any site with multiple users.

Editorial Board

You can use core translation service in both Template and Controllers

Rich UI Components

You can easily build a rich UI based on UI components

Access Control

You can add expresion-based access control to UI and limit clients

Multi Layer

You can implement individual components and the Mblofish manages them in multi-layer views.

Are you ready?

Are you interest and ready to use MBlowfish RWP? It is good news for us! We are so glad about it and appreciated it! Contact us to prepare an application for you.


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